Mexico court allows recreational cocaine use in landmark decision

A Mexican court has granted two people the right to carry and use cocaine, though not to buy or sell it, an anti-prohibition organisation has said.

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The Tale Of A 1986 Experiment That Proved Einstein Wrong

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Behind the Curve - Controlled Opposition Documentary - New

Did you see the laser test fail?

Taiwan, Province of China

 Flat Earth

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here’s why Nasa is 'lying' about the Earth being round.

You see, the real motivation behind this is that they want to hide God from us.

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Flat Earth Netflix documentary Behind The Curve: Did Flatearthers prove Earth is round?

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Flat Earth theory savagely SHUT DOWN by scientist with BRUTAL claim

The FLAT Earth Society was brutally silenced by scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, with one simple point, as their outrageous claims resurface again thanks to a documentary on the bizarre conspiracy theory.

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Faith Healing And Stress Management

Anxiety, depression, distress, fear, and exhaustion are just some of these and are all feelings that can be described as stress.

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A Colon Cleanse Starts Off A Healthy Lifestyle

Colon cleanses are marketed as being the answer to toxins invading your body on a daily basis.

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Arthritis And Hydrotherapy

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Protein From Plants - Everything You Need To Know

Plant-based diets can help prevent over 60% of chronic disease deaths, yet people are still arguing whether veganism is a safe and sustainable diet.


The Giza Pyramids: A History of Wireless Electricity Transmission Validated by Today’s Science

Tamer Youssef, Advisor: Prof. Khaled Elleithy, Department of Computer Science & Engineering University of Bridgeport, CT


How Mexicans Are Building Homes For $280

Plastic doesn’t decompose, which is a problem until you turn it into a house you want to last 100 years.

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Britain’s First Flat Earth Conference - Definite Proof That Gravity Doesn’t Exist?


Blockchain Technology Meets Solar Energy - How To Make Money from Solar Panels on Your Roof

Where there’s a market with creaking infrastructure to be disrupted, blockchain technology will disrupt it. That’s what some proponents of blockchain tech are hoping to do with the energy sector.

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Bee Venom Kills HIV & Why We Didn't Stop HIV 5 Years Ago, saving 37 million people

We could've prevented the spread of this deadly virus 5 years ago...but who choose not to?