ALS or motor-neurone disease is a very serious illness. The average lifespan of a sufferer in the later stages is only months or a few years.

Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76!

He preaches Atheism, and his scientific theories promote the Big Bang which claims that everything came from nothing, and that life on Earth evolved from all of this. Such theories are a Satanic device to remove God from everyday life and thought. They are all lies. There was no Big Bang, there are no extraterrestrials, and there was no evolution. God did not take billions of years to create us - he spoke us into existence. His word gave us life.

Hawkings cannot move and he cannot speak. Do you seriously think that the mechanical voice that you hear are the words of this man who is little more than a head on a corpse?

By promoting this 'genius'  as a voice of knowledge, the illuminati are trying to deceive people into believing a lie.

It's all a fantasy. Hawkings is a drugged and deluded cripple. This poor man is an unfortunate victim of evil men. He is not speaking at all - Evil men are speaking through him!

Does anybody seriously think that this man is still a leading figure in astrophysics and cosmology? You would have to be an idiot to believe that somebody with such a crippling illness can be one of the World's greatest scientists. He has no quality of life, yet it is claimed that he can ponder the mysteries of the Universe.

WAKE UP!  We are all being deceived!

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