Are you planning to kiss a girl who you like most? But confused where to kiss? Don't worry! Here are 7 other places and moments every girl wants to be kissed.

1. At the beach: There's no better place to share a romantic moment than at the beach. Every girl would want to wrap her arms around her man's neck as he leans in for a kiss. The sunset as a backdrop only makes it better. 

2. In the car: Be it in the parking lot or just at a red light, driving together calls for a kiss. Whether it's a light peck on the lips or a lingering, passionate kiss is up to you. 

3. While clicking a selfie: Wouldn't it be cute if he just gave you a peck on the cheek while you're busy clicking a selfie? And what's more, you can actually flaunt it! 

4. In the rain: This may sound a bit filmy, but women love a romantic moment in the rain. If it's raining hard and no one's around, this will be her perfect moment for a full-blown kiss!

5. At a night club: This one is every wild girl's favorite. When you're on the dance floor and he makes a move on you, it's just so hot! 

6. While walking down a lonely road: You are lucky if you find a lonely lane and just the two of you walking along; don’t miss this chance! Hold his hand, look into his eyes and just kiss him!

7. Morning kiss in the bed: Well, there isn't much to do, but it sure is special. A morning wake up kiss is a dream come true for every girl as she wakes up to the man she loves.

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