I just had the misfortune of watching this yesterday. I didn't even know it existed until yesterday when one of my FE-bashing friends mentioned it and wouldn't shut up about it, thinking somehow that he had found a gem of a "documentary" that would shake me out of my "flat earth delusion". The funny thing is that as soon as I searched it up and found out Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere were in it, I predicted (accurately, as I would find out) exactly what was going to happen in this "documentary".. that not a single realistic FE proof would be presented, and that it would focus more on the fake FE/shill community and have nothing to do with FE proofs or genuine flat earthers, and that at some point Mark Sargent would bring up the fact that he and Patricia are considered shills and insist that they are not. My buddy seemed irritated that I accurately predicted what the whole movie would consist of before even watching it.

Out of boredom and curiosity I put this mockumentary on and started watching it. Literally the very first fuckin line of the movie is Mark Sargent saying "We live in a giant terrarium, slash soundstage, slash Hollywood backlot, slash Truman Show style dome. And it's so big that neither you nor anyone you know has ever figured it out." Shilling HARD right out the gate, just as expected. The next scene has him at his mom's house being catered to by her as she tells the camera that she spoils him, and shortly after that it cuts to him in his room with comic book posters on his wall, etc. It's painfully obvious what this production was meant to convey to the viewer: that flat earthers are 50-yr-old mama's boys and social outcasts whose only sense of belonging comes from the "flat earth community" they are a part of, where they seek to bond with other likeminded people. They really took that narrative and ran with it the rest of the movie. Constantly interviewing weirdos and misfits and making sure to include people saying "I lost my wife after going flat earth, I lost my friends, and my family won't talk to me, but the one group I feel accepted in is flat earth". This is done to further cement in the unaware viewer's mind "if you start looking into FE you could end up exactly like these nerds here". The movie constantly makes the case that flat earthers, more than anything, just seek solace in each other's company, and seek a sense of belonging. When the reality is that genuine FE don't want or need a "club" or a "leader" or seek an identity to attach themselves to. FE is simply about using our own senses and brains and reasoning and doing natural science, and discussing the hundreds of proofs. But no way could this mockumentary be that down-to-earth, no pun intended. It had to completely ignore the science/proofs, and instead focus on pointless scenes of Mark and Patricia in their daily lives and banter that has nothing to do with flat earth. Slightly off topic, but another thing I get the impression from watching the movie, is that Mark has a bit of a crush on Patricia (idk why, she looks like a botox-laden wrinkly old jewess) but he has never been physically intimate with her bc she views him as a classic "nice guy/instant friend-zone" type lol. So the scenes of them hanging out together and talking about their "bond" was very cringeworthy. What was even more cringeworthy than that was Mark's pseudo-humility, the way he pretends to be humble as he says MULTIPLE TIMES throughout the movie "yeah people recognize me all the time... Want my autograph, want a pic with me... I just shrug it off and oblige them, you know... I want people to know I'm just like them.. but they don't seem to think that. They think I'm some kind of celebrity." No, Mark, no one thinks that, and you don't think that they think that. You're just an actor playing the part of a 50-yr-old narcissistic insecure mama's boy nice guy who is unsuccessful with women, frustrated, and socially awkward.

The whole thing is insufferable to watch. After it was over, my friend of course was like "so did you watch it til the end? Did you see the laser test fail? What do you have to say about that?" genuinely believing that he checkmated me or something. Told him an expensive tool like a laser or $20k gyroscope isn't necessary to know earth is flat, let alone when it is done through an "experiment" on a Netflix TV show by a bullshit artist like Jeran. And that the only thing one needs to know earth is flat with 100% certainty is eyes and a brain. The horizon remaining flat and always at the centerline of the human eye's perspective whether you're 5ft above sea level or 35k ft above sea level is 100% proof that we live on a flat plane, it is impossible on a sphere no matter the size. He started arguing again so I just told him that since he's unable to visualize a sphere in his imagination, he should get a basketball or some other spherical object and study it for hours if need be, as long as it takes until it clicks in his head that spheres don't have flat or constant rising horizons. Told him that unless and until he discovers this truth, we can't go any further with this topic bc it will be evident that he's purposely ignoring reality and you can't reason with someone in that state.

Anyway, this was possibly the worst film I've ever seen in my life and made FE out to be a joke, which isn't surprising at all. To anyone who hasn't seen it, I do not recommend it, not even if you have time on your hands and are curious. It's literally worthless, a slap in the face to real truthers.

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