The Out-of-Body Experience

An out-of-body experience is a condition usually occurring spontaneously during meditation, deep sleep, hypnosis, shamanic trance, sensory-deprivation, anesthesia, extreme illness or trauma, in which one finds themselves outside their physical body...

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Telepathy – Mind Reading

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The Human Chakra System

Of the seven primary chakras that are deemed to mediate the awareness and energies of our personal energy field, five are considered to align primarily along the main meridians up our spine, one is between and slightly above our eye level, and the last si


Emotions, DNA, and the Divine Matrix

If you are someone who thinks sad, angry or negative thoughts most of the day, you are weakening your immune system. The chemicals in your body which fight off infection can be clinically shown to decrease.

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Particle / Wave Duality

One of the most important and mind-bending findings in quantum physics which has helped us to better understand the nature of matter was first demonstrated in what is known as the “double-slit” experiment. 

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The Immaterial Physical World

Mechanism assumes that there are separate objects that interact in determined, causal ways.  But that’s not the reality we live in.